Peace Through Pyramids: The Galilee Arches:

Trust: Crazle Trio

Defy Gravity: St. Louis Arches at Circus Flora

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Flip and Fly! Arches on Circus Flora 2012

Joy Through Juggling: Kellin Quinn

Harmony: Elliaire Duet

Soar with Confidence; Iking

Teamwork: St. Louis Arches

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Follow the Flying Children

P1150298The Dependable Ones

We have flights booked to come home. The air ban has been lifted. We plan to be landing in St. Louis  on Tuesday morning at 9:35. Please come greet the flying children upon their return from being the bounciest peace ambassadors Israel has ever seen.

We should have been home already. One of the events I was a most unhappy about missing was the new show that my son Kellin Quinn created with Nathan Biggs-Peyton from Louisville and Willem McGowan from Chicago. They have gotten together to form Company McQuiggs and have been appearing  in the Circus Harmony ring at City Museum. Today was their last show before moving on to their next booking in Chicago. I at least got to Skype in and see the show. It is great!!! Follow them at and go to Chicago to see this show!

After Skyping the show, we got to Skype with some of our teachers and students back home. We all miss each other a lot. Our circus family is really close and we spend a lot of time together. We’ve now been gone over two weeks. This whole time, the wonderful Circus Harmony staff has continued to hold camps and classes and helped  our other students present two shows a day at City Museum.

I am so grateful to those talented, dedicated and wonderful men and women for keeping the home fires burning and children and adults flying. The other event we are missing is to say farewell to our intern extraordinaire, Rose Taylor. She spent her gap year with us and is going on to her next life chapter as a student at Yale University. Rose is leaving Circus Harmony a much better organization than she found it. She’ll be taking her last flight with us at the Circus Harmony Flying Trapeze Center at Union Station tomorrow between 3 and 4:30. Please go cheer her on and give her a gift card and a rose from me. She has been beyond amazing and will be deeply missed. Yale and the world are lucky to have her.

I think sometimes we don’t appreciate the dependable people in our lives. These are the ones that when we ask them to do something we know they will get it done. They have our back, front and sides They are the rocks our lives are balanced on. They are our non-acrobatic bases. The ones who hold us up. These are the ones who are quietly there taking care of the details. We don’t thank them often enough.

When we finally get home, I know the waiting parents are going to hug their children tightly. I think, for a moment, even our cool teenagers will hug back hard. We often take for granted those who care the most about us and for us. When you are away from them and busy, you don’t realize they are there behind you holding your world. I think the kids will realize that, maybe even just for a moment, when they first get back home.

Thank you everyone, for holding us in your hearts and holding our place at home while we were here in Israel working to make peace through pyramids. It’s wonderful to have someone you can depend on.  See you Tuesday!

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